Yesterday  I didn’t eat as much as I’d planned. 2 pickles and an apple. How I wasn’t violently ill later on is completely beyond me. Maybe because my body doesn’t want to bring anything up now.

Georgia’s party was bearable. I spoke to her before I left and she told me there was only beer at her house, and the thought of all those calories horrified me so I brought my own little bottle of vodka and a bottle of tonic water. I basically spent the whole night ignoring the people I should be friends with, seeing as I went to college with them for two years. They ignored me too. I just sat and got drunk with her older brother and cousin, and eventually had to go home because I was so unbelievably cold, despite the fact that I was in 2 jumpers and a blanket inside and everyone else was prancing around the garden in t-shirts.

I was walking through the kitchen shivering when Georgia drunkenly stumbled upto me and said ‘You know why you’re so cold Lucille? Because you’re BONE, there is this little thing called eating, you know.’

Needless to say I was speechless. And on a bus on my way home about 15 minutes later.

I’m down to 100 pounds, as of this morning. I don’t want to get too excited because I fear I’m a jinx, but now I’m too scared to eat at all because I’m so close to double digits.

Today I’ve eaten 1 apple, and for dinner I’m going to eat a bowl of spaghetti hoops just for the sake of eating in front of my mum, 109 calories in a can. If I can bring myself, I’ll go to the gym later.

I’m not a good weight freak though, because I really fucking hate exercise.


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